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Time for Change

City Services

Sidewalks being cleared and tree overhangs must be cut back. Crack filling on Bike Paths. Making sure that capital projects will not impact services for "One Year", Mountainside Pool. The loss of use of the pool was absolutely preventable with Proper Project Management.

Maintain and Protect the Rural Boundary

Protecting the escarpment and rural farmland from development is my priority. In the past others have promised protection from Downtown Development my question is; "Can they be counted on?"

Property Taxes

While the Region has a policy of maintaining tax increases to inflation or less. I believe that the City should be able to achieve this goal by examining alternatives.


Transit should take you where you want to go. Buses and routes that would take passengers to Crawford lake, Glen Eden for Skiing in Winter, and canoeing in Summer. A regular short bus for Kilbride to the GO Station. Buses should have Advance signals like Cambridge ON.

Lake View

Approachable Accessible and Listening

A council representative should be available within the Ward during business hours where possible at a place that is accessible to all the residents to meet and discuss your concerns to develop solutions. I would be excited to do this.

Bateman-A City Community Centre for ALL 

The city should investigate a Public Private Partnership with a Nursing College and Long term Seniors care and Fitness Facility, making it the First "IZ Inclusionary Zoning project". It could provide affordable residence for Seniors and Nursing Students simultaneously.

Safer Streets for ALL

Safer Streets requires more enforcement this means more visibility and providing more presence.

Protecting The Downtown

The protection of Downtown from Development required a strong OP 20 years ago presently there are 40 OLT tribunals slated potentially costing taxpayers $20+ million.

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